How make equal height div with jquery matchHeight js?

How make equal height with jquery.matchHeight

Hello guys, we come back again with topic How make equal height div with jquery.matchHeight.js
sometime we need setting height div for same height, but all not enough with css only.
The problem like this:


We can see, the height see not good, what the solution to fix it?
is easy we just use jquery.matchHeight.js,you can download all file here

See how others are using jquery.matchHeight.js


I try to use this code with easy step:
1.Make file html for run all code

2.Create style css for style your project


3. Donwload Jquery


4.Download jquery.matchHeight.js


5.And make one file js for you code(Themes.js)

in Themes.js you must add code to implement parameters jquery.matchHeight.js ;), code like in pciture bellow


if all ready refresh again your project, you can see plugin jquery.matchHeight.js in running now !!

you can see bellow picture , same height very nice


you can download this code here
make it easy.I hope this article can help you to make easy equal height for div.




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